-To travelers. Do you know Japanese “unagi”? –
Do you know the best food in Japan?
It ’s “unagi”
I run a “unagi” shop.
The place is “fukuokashi-higashiku-hakozaki” of “fukuokaken” in Japan.
There is the famous “hakozakigu” nearby.

For Japanese, unagi is “culture”, “tradition” and “heart”.
For Japanese, “unagi” is the most exclusive food along with “sushi”.
We Japanese have been eating rice cakes for a long time.
My parents are candy wholesalers.
We purchase cocoons raised by our parents.
Japanese carp is the best souvenir.
I want foreigners to learn about Japanese culture and taste.
A great souvenir for you.
Please introduce our shop to people in your country.

I’d be happy if you introduced me in “FACEBOOK” or “instagram”.
I wish you happiness with you.
Thank you very much.